A New Publishing Model

Waterfront Digital Press has been launched as a way for qualified authors to take more control and responsibility for publishing their work and building an audience. Our objective is to provide a cost-effective and profitable way for authors to reach audiences around the world. In collaboration with Amazon’s White Gloves program, Waterfront will enable authors to take charge of publishing and distributing their own works throughout the world.

Occasionally a self-published book is a hit,  but most self-published books have minimum sales unless the authors can provide a sales channel and/or provide vigorous marketing support. These programs are time-consuming and expensive for an author, so it’s hard to justify this investment unless it can be combined with an author’s workshops, speaking engagements, courses, and building their identity-brand, which develops a customer base that will sell books and create “word of mouth” support for the author.

This is the kind of author that Waterfront is most able to help. There are lots of self-publishing companies, but our objective is to publish authors who can present a meaningful message, and who will invest their time and resources building an audience for themselves.

We will produce and launch an eBook for them, encompassing all of the procedural details: copyright in their name, an ISBN, distribution and marketing support from Amazon kindle, together with a basic marketing launch announcing publication to appropriate media.

The economics for the author are very simple: We pay a royalty of 70% of the net receipts—basically five times the traditional author royalty. We require a registration fee of $1000 for preparation of the eBook for the distribution and marketing launch.

Our services include consulting with you, the author, about editorial needs; and services you may require; and our recommendations for successfully publishing and marketing your book.

We will review your Publishing Proposal or manuscript to make a decision and will send you a sample contract to review if you wish to explore this avenue further.

Where We Are Today

Waterfront has already published more than 75 ebooks with print on demand physical books. Some of these titles have sold in excess of five thousand copies. Included in this list are New York Times bestselling authors ranging from Thom Hartmann to Victor Villasenor to the founder of HeartMath.

In Brief

Waterfront is not just another self-publishing company where an author is responsible for the publishing process and pays for a variety of services designed to improve upon the author’s work and sales promotion.

Our model is intended for the serious author who can make a modest investment in their book and a substantial investment of their own time and energy in building and audience for their work.

Waterfront is composed of publishing professionals with years of experience in Trade, Text, and Technical; and in every aspect of publishing from acquisitions, editorial, design, production, sales, and marketing. These services are personally available to each of our authors, so you need not worry that you will be an anonymous author interacting with anonymous people on a website.

William Gladstone – Founder


Waterfront Digital Press founder William Gladstone is also the founder of Waterside Productions Inc., one of the most successful independent literary agencies in the world. Under Bill’s supervision, Waterside has successfully agented more than 10,000 books and generated in excess of three billion dollars in retail book sales.

In addition to agenting bestselling authors such as Neale Donald Walsch and Eckhart Tolle, Bill is a novelist whose first book, THE TWELVE, has been translated into more than twenty languages and sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide.

Bill has been in publishing practically his entire life, starting at the age of six, when he worked for his father’s publishing company, ARCO. Bill worked in every capacity at ARCO rising to editor-in-chief while still in his early twenties. This lead to him becoming senior editor at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in San Diego. Bill left Harcourt in 1982 to found Waterside Productions Inc.

As a writer himself, Bill has a strong sense of what writers need to succeed. To that end he has devoted his agency to serving clients at all levels, not just bestselling authors. In part because of the changing nature of traditional publishing which is making it ever harder for mid-list authors to find compatible publishing opportunities, Bill created Waterfront Digital Press.

Bill is regarded as a pioneer in the world of book publishing. He founded, with Steve Potash, the first e-book retailer in the United States and was also one of the founders of iUniverse, which became a leading print on-demand publishing company. Bill may be best known for the Waterside Publishing Conferences, which for thirteen years from 1991 through 2002, were the premier events in the publishing world for technical authors, computer companies and technical book publishers.

Kenneth Kales – Managing Editor

Kenneth Kales has served as managing editor since the inception of Waterfront Press bringing with him nearly twenty years of experience in editorial development and book publishing. As managing editor, he works with many of the press’ authors in revealing their deeper literary voices. The collaborative process he engages in to achieve this is unique to each writer and to each book, and thus encourages individual growth. In addition, Kenneth is founder and publisher of an independent press specializing in quality nonfiction books by world-renowned authors.

Abby Bergman – Editorial Coordinator


Abby Bergman is a recent graduate from San Francisco State University, completing her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Books have always been the most important thing in her life, providing love, excitement, wisdom, and comfort at any time, all the time. She is ecstatic that she was lucky enough to fine a job in which they will continue to be her life. She began interning for Waterside in March, and was hired on as the Editorial Coordinator on June 1st. She’s got a big heart space for literature, and there’s a little extra room around for biking, hiking, and exploring her favorite city, San Francisco.

Gayle Gladstone – Publisher


Gayle Gladstone has worked as a television and film producer creating programs such as Tapping the Source and other media dedicated to bringing cutting edge information to general audiences. Gayle managed the singing and acting career of Hoyt Axton (Joy to the World, sound track for Easy Rider, etc.) and has worked with international organizations including the Club of Budapest for which she served five years as a director. Gayle is committed to helping authors reach their largest possible audiences and to books which help children and their families.

Johanna Maaghul – Associate Publisher


With a two decade career as a technologist and business analyst, Johanna continues to dedicate her time to her real childhood passion of reading and (now later in life) midwifing into the world non-fiction books. Her deep ability to recognize value in new concepts and quickly sift out meaning in today’s vastly growing sea of non-fiction are skills she has refined through her many years of reading, writing and coaching successful writers and artists. With deep industry experience in online marketing, web content development and digital publishing, Johanna combines her career expertise to help promote authors as well as assist them in navigating the rapidly changing worlds of traditional and digital publishing. While Johanna’s primary focus is on non-fiction, she has been known to take on works of fiction when she can’t put them down.

Chris Van Buren – Marketing Advisor


Christopher Van Buren has worked in online marketing and media for over 20 years, as a publisher, marketing director, and campaign manager. He is an expert in content marketing, affiliate marketing, and online strategies. Chris has written numerous books in the technology, travel and self-help markets and spent eight years as a literary agent, helping authors get their books published. Chris is the President and Founder of LaunchMoxie, Inc. Since 2011, LaunchMoxie supports small business by providing marketing services that leverage the power of co-operative marketing and distributed content models to drive traffic and sales for its clients and us.

Olivia Maaghul – Millennial Marketing Expert


Olivia is currently a student at UC Berkeley majoring in Philosophy. Olivia first got involved in the literary world at her community college in San Francisco, where she was the editor of Forum, the school’s literary magazine. Olivia was hired as the Millennial Marketing Expert to fill an important roll of integrating waterfront digital press into the future through connecting it’s clients to younger and broader audiences.