Non Fiction Submission Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to assist you in the preparation of your book proposal for Waterside Productions, Inc. With the information you provide, we should be able to clearly:

  • distinguish your project from other books on the same subject;
  • identify the audience for which you are writing;
  • determine the marketability of your finished book.

Credentials: List your previous publishing credits and credentials that are pertinent.

Proposal: This should be at least four or five typed pages, explaining:

  • what your book is about
  • the problems, reasons, or situations which prompted you to write your book;
  • why your book is needed;
  • what are the unique features; anything that makes your book different from all other books
  • in the same area; any new or fresh approach you offer; any special features you will include.

Market: Describe the audience at which your book will be aimed and your level of expertise, (no experience, beginner, intermediate, advanced). What are some specific applications or uses for your book (e.g. small business management; health; entertainment; education)? Who would be the most likely candidates for purchasing your book and why should they buy, use, keep and talk about it?

Competition: List three to four books which compete directly with the project you are proposing. Briefly discuss how they compare to your book in length, depth and spectrum of topics covered, format, visual appeal. If there is no available book for the market you are addressing, cite any which seems remotely comparable, and indicate the differences among your approaches.

Outline: Present a brief capsule of about 100 words of the contents of each chapter. A detailed list of the key concepts to be included per chapter is also acceptable.

Sample Chapters: Please submit one or two sample chapters, preferably not the first one, which will provide an example of your writing style and the actual content of the book.

Publishing Details:

  • Proposed book length (an average book contains about 70,000 words; this size
  • manuscript makes a 250 page book);
  • if there are photographs and/or illustrations, how many are there;
  • what amount of time you will need to complete the finished manuscript?

If you have any questions about this material, please contact the Acquisitions Department at Waterside Productions, Inc.